Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions protect your companies’ vital data. What happens right now if you lose your server data, your accounting files, or even your local desktops email address book? A comprehensive but simple plan from INETCO provides enterprise class backup solutions to the SMB.

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Block level Incremental Backups

Enables your data backup to occur even if the file is open and can occur up to every 15 minutes. A complete snapshot is taken of your server every 15 minutes so that you can restore in 15 minute increments back to creation of the first incremental backup.

Instant Virtualization of
Failed Servers

In the unlikely event of a server hardware failure, virtualization technologies allow your failed servers to be replicated and up and running on the NAS in as little as 30 minutes. Business continuity continues while the server is being repaired and/or replaced.

Bare Metal Recovery to
Dissimilar Hardware

Allows replacement of server hardware without the need to incur costly rebuilds of your network, domain, and server structures.

Off Site Data Replication

Ensures that in the unfortunate cases of fire, flood, theft, or complete disaster, your company’s data is secure in an offsite collocation facility.

Message Level
Exchange Recovery

Allows message recovery tools for those with Exchange server environments.