Network Hardware

Your business networking hardware is the core behind the performance of your network. INETCO partners with leading manufacturers of network components to provide the backbone to your day to day business communication environment.

Network Switching


Network switches provide the connectivity for all network devices on the LAN. Switching components include managed, non-managed, and power over Ethernet switches for business phone systems and line powered endpoints.


Sonic WallBarracuda Networks

Your firewall is the first line of defense of your network from external security threats to your network. Our SonicWall firewalls and security products provide secure VPN connectivity, antispam and antispyware solutions, content filtering for preventing unauthorized web access, and firewall restrictions and rules for your corporate LAN and WAN.



Servers provide organizations access to software, hardware, and applications. Servers are designed for higher fault tolerances and redundancies to allow for high reliability. Servers provide database functions, email, file sharing, print sharing, domain access controls, and centralized management. INETCO is a Dell and HP partner and provide hardware and software solutions specifically for your business needs.

PC’s and Workstations


PC’s and Workstations provide your day to day interaction with your software and network access. Our Dell and HP PC solutions provide essential access to your applications and business network

Access Points and Wireless


Wireless communication for laptops, tablets, and mobile devices is essential in today’s business environment. INETCO uses business class access points and devices to provide a reliable solution to your wireless office needs.

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